Ash vs Trip

Ash vs Trip


Ash ketchum in kalos

Ash ketchum is a pokemon trainer whose main goal is to become the world champion!

The region invasion!Edit

Ash has cut his journey in kalos short in order to help with the fusion war. Fuse has completely taken the kanto region. As for the other ones, clones protect it, and, for some reason, fuse and fusion cannot get to pokemon inhabited areas. However, the droids can still get through, and this is why there are often battles within the regions.

Kalos mission!Edit

Ash gives the mission sparking pikachu. In the mission, one fusion has been created inside the shield by a traitor trooper. Once you defeat fusion ash and his fusion pokemon, you will recieve:                                                                     

Pikachu nano                                                                                                          Series: Pokemon

Infernape nano                                                                                                       Nano item: Ash's cap

Ash's cap                                                                                                               Second nano item: Blue flame